GWXP95-T Analog Addressable Thermal Sensor 600 Series

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The  Gamewell-FCI,  XP95-T  Analog  Addressable  Thermal Sensor  operates  with  the  Gamewell-FCI  600  Series  and ILI95-E3  Series  fire  alarm control  panels  (FACPs).  The Series   XP95-T   thermal   sensor   digitally   transmits   its address  and  the  chamber’s  analog  temperature  value  to the FACP for analysis.Thermal  sensors  are  readily  distinguished  from  smoke  by the  open  webs  in  the  housing  designed  to  allow  for  free movement of air around the exposed thermistor.


The  XP95-T  thermal  sensor  constantly  monitors  its  sensing  element  as  well  as  its  internal  electronics.  The  results are digitally reported along with the unit’s address through the integral communication electronics located in the sensor  head.  The  thermal  sensor  monitors  temperature  by using a single thermistor network which provides a voltage output  proportional  to  the  external  air  temperature.  This signal   is   processed   and   conditioned   by   an   on-board
advanced  technology  ASIC  that  digitally  transmits  the ambient temperature data to the FACP when interrogated.Trouble  and  Alarm  conditions  of  the  XP95  sensors  are determined  at  the  FACP.  The  status  information  of  each
sensor is analyzed for off–normal conditions by the control panel.  If  the  sensor  reports  a  condition  that  matches  its programmed  trouble  signature,  the  FACP  will  report  that the  sensor  is  in  trouble  and  will  follow  its  programmed
response   sequence.   Likewise,   if   the   status   reported matches the alarm signature, the FACP will follow the programmed alarm response for the specific device in alarm. When a sensor is in alarm, the integral LED in the sensor’s
housing will light continuously.


• Compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI analog
addressable fire alarm control panels (FACPs):
–  600 Series
–  ILI95-E3 Series

Fits 4.0" (10.16 cm), 6.0" (15.24 cm), or 6.0"
(15.24 cm)
• Low & ultra low–profile, & E-Z fit bases
• Includes an audible alarm sounder base
• Stores the address in the sensor base
• Sets the address by the XPert addressing card
• Contains a two-color status LED
• Provides fixed point or rate-of-rise functions
• Offers a timed temperature increase that causes  an
• Comprises thermal adjustability programming

• Has an optional remote LED