System Sensor RA100Z Remote Annunciator

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Expand the versatility of the InnovairFlex™ line of duct smoke detectors with System Sensor notification and test accessories.

Duct smoke detector accessories add functionality to the duct smoke detection system by allowing quick, convenient inspections at eye level and effective audible and visible notification options. All System Sensor duct smoke detectors and accessories are UL listed

The RA100Z remote annunciators are designed for both conventional and intelligent applications. Their red LED provides visual indication of an alarm condition.


Available Accessories

  • APA151 Piezo Annunciator
  • MHR Mini-Horn, Red
  • MHW Mini-Horn
  • White RA100Z/RA100ZA Remote Annunciator
  • RTS151 Remote Test Station
  • RTS151KEY Remote Test Station with Key
  • RTS2 Multi-Signaling Accessory
  • AOS Add-On Strobe RTS2-AOS Multi-Signaling Accessory