System Sensor DST5 5' Sampling Tube Duct

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The DST5 InnovairFlex Duct-Mounted Smoke Detector Sampling Tube is designed not only to detect smoke, but to prevent smoke recirculation in HVAC duct work. With a sampling tube installed, the unit will trigger smoke alarms when particles of smoke reach the alarm threshold in an HVAC duct system. Can be connected to smoke alarms that feature front or rear loading sampling tubes, with up to 30 detectors that can be interconnected for multi fan shutdown. The primary purpose of duct smoke detection is to prevent injury, panic, and property damage by reducing the spread (recirculation) of smoke. Duct smoke detection also can serve to protect the air conditioning system itself from fire and smoke damage, and can be used to assist in equipment protection applications, for example, in the ventilation/ exhaust duct work of mainframe computers and tape drives. Modular construction allows installation for either round or rectangular 4 to 8 foot width ductwork. InnovairFlex is a next generation duct smoke detector product series from Gamewell.

For HVAC Systems Monitoring Smoke Detector Sampling Tube for Duct Width 4 to 8 Ft