System Sensor 4WTR-B Smoke Detectors with Sounder 135°F Fixed

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System Sensor i3™ sounder and relay smoke detectors apply the guiding principles of installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection in a series of specialty conventional devices. with its installer-friendly base and plug-in design. The base accommodates a broad range of back box and direct mounting options and provides ample space for pre-wiring the device. To complete the installation, the i3 detector plugs into its base with a simple Stop-Drop ’N Lock action. Intelligence. To reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms, all i3 detectors are equipped with both drift compensation and smoothing algorithms. These capabilities minimize both short- and long-term causes of nuisance alarms, such as RF interference and dust accumulation. When connected to the 2W-MOD2 loop test/ maintenance module or an i3 Ready™ panel, 2?wire i3 detectors can generate a remote maintenance signal when in a maintenance or freeze trouble condition. To measure the sensitivity of any i3 detector, the SENS-RDR displays the reading, in terms of percent-per-foot obscuration, within seconds. Instant inspection. i3 has red and green LEDs to simplify local status indication during power-up, standby, alarm, maintenance, and freeze trouble conditions. When in alarm, i3 sounder models generate an 85 dB temporal tone. If connected to the RRS-MOD reversing relay/synchronization module, all i3 sounders on the loop will activate when one detector is in alarm. The RRS-MOD also synchronizes i3 sounder output to ensure a clear audible signal. Should the application call for differentiating between a local and a general alarm, the i3 line offers an isolated thermal model, which initiates a local alarm when smoke is detected, and a general alarm when the thermal sensor is activated.


  • 85 dB sounder.
  • Form C relay.
  • Isolated thermal sensor.
  • Plug-in design (base included.
  • In-line terminals.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Stop-Drop ’N Lock™ attachment to the base.
  • Removable cover and chamber.
  • Remote maintenance signaling.
  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms.
  • Simplified sensitivity measurement.
  • Dual-color LEDs.



Operating Voltage:
Standby Current: 2-wire: 50 ?A maximum average 4-wire: 50 ?A maximum average
Maximum Ripple Voltage: 30% peak to peak of applied voltage
Maximum Alarm Current 2-wire: 2WTR-B: 130 mA limited by control panel 2WTA-B: 130 mA** 4-wire: 4WTA-B, 4WTR-B: 35 mA 4WTAR-B, 4WITAR-B: 50 mA **Direct Power (Non-Reverse Polarity): 130 mA limited by panel. Reverse Polarity Power: 30 mA for the 2WTA-B in alarm; 12 mA for all other 2WTA-B units on the loop. Add 25 mA for the RRS-MOD reversing relay alarm current.
Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 37.8°C)
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH non-condensi
Thermal Sensor: 135°F (57.2°C) fixed
Sensitivity: 2.5%/ft nominal
Input Terminals: 14 to 22 AWG
Dimensions (including base): 5.3 inches (127 mm) diameter; 2.0 inches (51 mm) height
Weight: 6.3 oz. (178 grams)
Mounting: 3.5-inch (8.8 cm) octagonal backbox 4-inch (10.16 cm) octagonal backbox. Single-gang back box 4-inch (10.16 cm) square backbox with plaster ring. Direct mount to ceiling.)