STI-9717 Audible/Strobe Guard, Steel Wire, Flush

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Horn/Strobe/Speaker Damage Stopper


  • Protects a System Sensor units SP2R1224MC and SP2W1224MC against vandalism and accidental damage
  • Constructed of 9-gauge coated steel wire
  • Flush mount
  • Fast and easy installation

This Horn/Strobe/Speaker Damage Stopper protects a System Sensor unit against vandalism and accidental damage. Wire guard provides maximum protection to this speaker/strobe notification appliance. One of the newest members of the STI Wire Guard Team, this protector was created in response to multiple requests from STI customers. It consists of a tough, 9-gauge steel wire that is coated with corrosion resistant white polyester, which offers excellent protection.


Model Type Speaker/Strobe Damage Stopper - Flush Mount (not UL Listed)
Warranty 3 y
Application Wire Guards
Height 6.1 in
155 mm
Width 9.3 in
238 mm
Depth 2.4 in
61 mm
Key Features
General Information
  • Offers protection against vandalism and accidental damage.
  • Simple removal for maintenance.
  • Constructed of tough 9-gauge steel wire.
  • Coated with corrosion resistant polyester.
  • Installation is fast and simple with screws and anchors provided.
Options STI-9705, STI-9708, STI-9711 and STI-9714 protect SpectrAlert® strobe units
STI-9717 and STI-9720 fit over System Sensor notification appliances P2R1224MC and SP2W1224MC.