STI-9631 Clock/Bell Damage Stoppers

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These super tough wire guards are designed to protect clocks, bells and similar
instruments. Three sizes are available to cover a wide range of units. Each is
constructed of 9-gauge steel wire with corrosion resistant polyester coating.
Their octagon, spiderweb like shape also helps them take tough knocks in stride.

    · Guards help protect against vandalism and accidental damage.
    · Three year guarantee against breakage in normal use.

    · Weblike octagon shape of 9-gauge coated steel wire makes them extremely difficult   to break.


    · Fast and easy installation.
    · Simple removal for servicing or routine maintenance.
    · May be painted prior to installation To match decor.

    · Tamper resistant hardware (screws and bits) are available.
    · Three models to fit a wide range of units (both clocks and bells).

    • 9-gauge coated steel wire
    • Fast and easy installation
    • Simple removal for servicing or routine maintenance
    • 10.5 in H x 10.5 in W x 6 in D