Simplex 4906-9108 Strobe Multi-CD Visible Only Red Wall Mount

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Visible only (V/O) 24 VDC wall mount notification appliances with high output xenon strobe: Amber lens with “ALERT” lettering produces a signal unique from clear lens fire alarm evacuation strobes for use with Emergency Communications Systems

Intensity is selectable as 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela with visible selection jumper secured behind strobe housing UL listed to Standard 1638 (due to non-white lens);
verified by UL testing to provide light dispersion patterns of UL Standard 1
971 at rated candela (no derating necessary for amber lens) ULC listed to Standard S526 Polarized input allows connection to compatible reverse polarity, supervised notification appliance circuit (NAC)

Regulated circuit design ensures consistent flash output and provides controlled inrush current Rugged, high impact, flame retardant thermoplastic housings are available in red or white with amber lens Strobes provide synchronized flash for use with:

4100ES, 4100U, and 4010 Series fire alarm control
panels with NACs selected to provide strobe
synchronization or SmartSync two-wire horn/strobe
4009 IDNet NAC Extenders

Separate strobe synchronization modules that are available for Class B or Class A operation Separate SmartSync Control Modules (SCMs) that provide Class B or Class A output from conventional NAC inputs


Connect amber strobes to NACs dedicated for Emergency Communications operation, not for fire alarm notification Strobe housings provides flexible, easy, and
convenient semi-flush or surface mounting: Rear of housing does not extend into box Strobes easily mount to single gang, double gang, or 4-inch square outlet box
Wiring terminals are accessible from the front of the housing providing easy access for installation, inspection, and testing Optional adapters and wire guard: Strobe adapters are available to cover surface mounted electrical boxes and to adapt to Simplex 2975-9145