Simplex 4903-9254 Horizontal Mount Horn Strobe

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Horn/visible (A/V) notification appliances combine

a high intensity strobe with a low current electronic horn.The horn output provides a steady, harmonically rich sound that can be easily coded by the controlling notification appliance circuit (NAC).The combination horn and strobe can be wired to the same NAC, or for applications requiring separate audible and visible circuits, jumpers located at the wiring terminals can be easily removed.



Audible/visible notification appliances with efficient electronic horn and high output xenon strobe

Xenon strobe visible notification appliance:

  • UL listed to Standard 1971
  • Models are available with 15, 30, or 110 candela
  • 24 VDC operation with switch selection for free-run or synchronized flash**
  • Compatible with ADA requirements
  • Strobe candela rating is clearly indicated on reflector
  • Wiring terminals are separate from audible notification appliance
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Electronic horn notification appliance:
  • 24 VDC efficient electronic design
  • Harmonically rich output sound suitable for either coded or steady operation Diode polarized input for connection to reverse
  • polarity, supervised notification appliance circuit
  • UL listed to Standard 464
  • Housing Options:
  • Red with white "FIRE" lettering, for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • White with red "FIRE" lettering, for horizontal mounting