Simplex 4098-9794 Sensor Sounder Base

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Modular TrueAlarm sensor base with built-in electronic alarm sounder: Piezoelectric sounder provides high output (88 dBA) with low current requirements (20 mA)
For use with interchangeable TrueAlarm photoelectric or heat sensors (ordered separately) Sounder operation details: Powered from 24 VDC or from a compatible Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) Synchronized via communications or by the NAC, if NAC powered** Sounder can be manually activated from the control panel
Sensor and sounder operation is listed to UL Standard 268 Sounder operation is also listed to UL Standard 464  as an audible notification appliance  


Analog sensor information is digitally communicated to the control panel via IDNet or MAPNET II  two-wire communications Sensor information is processed by the control panel to determine sensor status For use with the following Simplex products:

4100ES, 4010ES, 4010, and 4100U Series control
panels; and 4008 Series control panels with reduced
feature set (refer to data sheet S4008-0001 for details)
4020, 4100, and 4120 Series control panels, and Universal Transponders equippedfor MAPNET II operation

General features:  

Louvered smoke sensor design enhances smoke capture by directing flow to chamber; entrance areas are minimally visible when ceiling mounted Designed for EMI compatibility Magnetic test feature is provided Optional accessories include remote LED alarm indicator and output relays Additional base reference:

For standard bases, refer to data sheet S4098-0019
For isolator bases, refer to data sheet S4098-0025
For photo/heat sensors, refer to data sheet S4098-0024
(single address) and S4098-0033 (dual address)