Simplex 4098-9733 Temperature Rating 135°F (57°C) Heat Detector

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TrueAlarm analog sensing provides:

  • Digital transmission of analog sensor values via IDNet or MAPNET II two-wire communications


For use with the following Simplex products:

  • 4007ES, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U Series control panels; and 4008 Series control panels with reduced feature set (refer to data sheet S4008-0001 for details)
  • 4020, 4100, and 4120 Series control panels, Universal Transponders, and 2120 TrueAlarm CDTs equipped for MAPNET II operation.


Fire alarm control panel provides:

  • Peak value logging allowing accurate analysis of each sensor for individual sensitivity selection
  • Sensitivity monitoring satisfying NFPA 72 sensitivity testing requirements; automatic individual sensor calibration check verifies sensor integrity
  • Automatic environmental compensation, multi-stage alarmoperation, and display of sensitivity directly in percent per foot
  • Ability to display and print detailed sensor information inplain English language


Photoelectric smoke sensors provide:

  • Seven levels of sensitivity from 0.2% to 3.7%


Heat sensors provide:

  • Three fixed temperature sensing thresholds: 135° F, 155° Fand 190° F
  • Rate-of-rise temperature sensing
  • Utility temperature sensing
  • Listed to UL 521 and ULC-S530



Additional base reference:

  • For isolator bases, refer to data sheet S4098-0025
  • For sounder bases, refer to data sheet S4098-0028
  • For photo/heat sensors, refer to data sheet S4098-0024 (single address) and S4098-0033