Simplex 4098-9715 SSD Photo Sensor electronic heat detectors

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Accurate Electronic Design.Simplex electronic heat detectors use a fast response, thermistor based design to provide temperature sensing that quickly, accurately, and consistently identifies when fixed temperatures are exceeded. The fixed temperature sensing thermistor readily tracks the local ambient temperature. This eliminates the time required to melt a lead pellet or heat a bimetallic element as occurs in mechanical heat detector designs and provides the required heat detection for most applications. Accurate and reliable heat detection for protection of property** UL listed to Standard 521 as a rate compensated heat detector Fixed temperature operation is suitable for most


  • Thermistor based design is inherently rate compensated due to minimal thermal lag
  • Available for 135° F (57° C) or 200° F (93° C)
  • UL and ULC spacing distance is 70 ft (21.3 m) Available with rate-of-rise temperature detection:
  • Dual thermistor rate-of-rise operation
  • For use where anticipated ambient temperature changes are less than 6° F/minute (3.33° C/minute)
  • UL and ULC spacing distance is 70 ft (21.3 m) Epoxy encapsulated electronic design provides:
  • Easily tested, self-restoring operation with repeatable accuracy
  • Alarm indicating LED located on detector
  • Current limited alarm that is compatible with two-wire initiating device circuits (IDCs)
  • Designed for EMI compatibility Optional remote alarm indicating LED Available base options:
  • Bases for 2-wire or 4-wire operation
  • Auxiliary relay output (refer to selection chart on page 2 for relay ratings)
  • Remote alarm indicating LED output


TrueAlarm analog sensing provides:
Digital transmission of analog sensor values via IDNet or
MAPNET II two-wire communications
For use with the following Simplex
4007ES, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES,
and 4100U Series control