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Simplex 4090-9007 IDNet Addressable Signal Individual Adapter Module

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The 4090-9007 IDNet Addressable Signal Individual Adapter Module
(Signal IAM) is an IDNet-compatible peripheral that combines both Class A
(Style Z) and Class B (Style Y) Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC)
functionality into a single device. The Signal IAM supervises and operates
24-VDC NACs and 25-VRMS or 70.7-VRMS speakers. The Signal IAM
does not support Fire Fighter Phones. Powered from an IDNet-compatible (addressable loop) channel, the Signal IAM  provides a supervised, addressable interface between conventional notification appliances and the host FACP (see pages 4 and 5). The Signal IAM requires a supervised power supply or compatible signal input for driving the externally connected NAC applicances.


Signal IAMs provide additional selective signaling  for Simplex 4100ES, 4010ES, 4100U, and 4008 Series fire alarm control panels:
Signal output notification appliance circuit (NAC)  wiring is supervised and connected to the signal input under IDNet communications control

NAC output is rated 0.5 A for Special Application or Regulated 24 VDC Appliances, or for audio operation (12.5 W @ 25 VRMS, 35 W @ 70.7 VRMS); and can
be wired Class B or Class A

Signal coding of horn/strobe control, strobe synchronization, or other coding is provided by the signal input; coding at the Signal IAM via IDNet addressable communications is not supported

4100U compatibility requires Software Revision 11.11.01 or higher; also compatible with 4100ES, 4100U and 4010ES IDNet+

Signal IAMs are not compatible with 4010 fire alarm control panels IDNet communications

Supervision features:

Relay contacts isolate signal inputs from outputs during supervision and do not monitor signal presence; signal inputs sources will need to be monitored separately

During supervision, signal outputs are isolated from signal inputs by open contacts allowing consideration for use with SCIF applications (Sensitive Compartmented
Information Facilities)

Operation details:

Signal IAM operation is powered and supervised by the  IDNet addressable communications loop – separate 24 VDC is not required for the IAM – separate signal power is required for the on-board NAC

Signal IAM communications use a single physical address; however, each Signal IAM reduces the IDNet loop capacity by two addresses
 to accommodate the extra power required for output NAC supervision

Compact construction:

Mounts in standard 4” square electrical box

Visible LED flashes to indicate communications  

Optional covers are available to allow LED to be
viewed after installation

Screw terminals for wiring connections
UL Listed to Standard 864