Silent Knight SK-RELAY

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The SK-Relay allows a Silent Knight FACP to switch

discrete contacts by code command. The relay contains

two isolated sets of Form C contacts, which operate as a

DPDT switch. No supervision is provided for the

notification appliance circuit.

The SK-Relay contacts can be used for virtually any

normally open or normally closed application. Each SKRelay

is programmed with a unique signaling line circuit

(SLC) loop address. When an event occurs that controls

the SK-Relay, the relay is triggered by the FACP.



  • Relay programming is completely flexible–can be mapped to zone conditions.
  • Panel controlled status LED that flashes green in normal state and is solid red in alarm
  • Polling LED visible through the cover plate
  • Attractive ivory cover plate.
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation.
  • UL Listed.
  • SEMS screws for easy wiring.