Silent Knight SK-PULL-SA Intelligent Dual Action Pull Station

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The SK-PULL-SA is a single action pull station requiring only one motion to activate the station. The SK-PULL-DA is a dual action pull station requiring two motions to active the station. The SK-PULL-SA and SK-PULL-DA are for use with Honeywell Silent Knight Series fire control panel (FACP). Extremely easy to operate, the SK-PULL-DA and SK-PULL-SA provide a fast and practical means of manually initiating a fire alarm signal. The FACP recognizes each manual pull station by its specific address saving precious seconds in determining the location of an alarm.INSTALL ATIONThe SK-PULL-SA and SK-PULL-DA can be surface mounted to an SB-I/O surface back box or semi-flush mounted on a standard single-gang with a minimum depth of 2.13”(5.40 cm) or double gang or 4” (10.61 cm) square electrical box. You can also use the optional (System Sensor® PN BG-TR) trim ring if the station is being semi-flush mounted.


• Installer can open station without causing an alarm condition
• Dual-color LED is visible through handle of station blinks green to indicate normal operation and remains steady red in an alarm condition
• Key operated test and reset lock using lock plate actuator
• Key matches compatible FACP locks
Meets ADA requirement for 5 lbs maximum pull force to active
Meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA AG) controls and operating mechanisms guidelines (Section 4.1.3[13])
• Shell, door, and handle molded from durable LEXAN®• Reliable analog communications for    trouble-free operation
• Braille text on station handle
• Rotary address switches for fast installation
• Handle latches in down position and the word Activated appears, clearly indicating the station has been pulled
• UL Listed, including UL 38, Standard of Manually Actuated Signaling System
• CSFM Listed• MEA Listed

SK-MONITOR Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 5.5” H x 4" W x 1.45" D (14 x 10.2)
Housing Material: LEX AN polycarbonate resinBi-Colored LED:Blinking Green: NormalSteady Red: AlarmSwitch: Single pole, single throw (SPST) normally open (N/O

Optional trim ring.SB-I/O: Surface backbox, indoor/outdoor.* Unless otherwise noted, specifications

Operating Voltage: 15 – 32VDC
SLC Standby and Alarm Current: 350μA
Wire Gauge: Up to 12WG (3.1 MM)

The SK-MONITOR is compatible with the
following Honeywell Silent Knight fire alarm
control panels:
6820: Addressable fire alarm control panel
6820EVS: Addressable fire alarm control panel
with an emergency mass notification system.
6808: Addressable fire alarm control panel
6700: Addressable fire alarm control panel
5700: Addressable fire alarm control panel
5808: Addressable fire alarm control panel
5820XL: Addressable fire alarm control panel
5820XL-EVS: Addressable fire alarm control panel
with an emergency mass notification system