Silent Knight SD505-HEAT Addressable Heat 135°F-150°F

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The SD505-HEAT unit is made up of an externally mounted thermistor with a specially designed cover that protects the thermistor while

allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor reads the temperature from the air it takes in. It then transmits a signal representing the

temperature to the IntelliKnight panel. If the temperature exceeds the trip point (programmed at the panel), an alarm occurs. The status LED

lights continuously during the alarm period. Under normal conditions, the status LED blinks approximately every 15 seconds, indicating that the head

is communicating with the loop.


• Low profile, 2 inches, including base

• Absolute temperature device

• Simple and reliable addressing

• Uses digital communication protocol

• The SD505-HEAT is UL Listed and meets the requirements outlined in NFPA 72 Inspection Testing and Maintenance,Chapter 7.

• CFSM listed

• MEA listed

• FM approved




Operating Voltage: 17 to 41 VDC

Current Consumption:

Standby: .55 mA

Alarm: .55 mA

Detection Temperature Range:

135°F to 150°F (57°C TO 65°C)

Ambient Temperature:

32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC)

Mounting: 4" SQR, 4" OCT

Single gang mud ring

Rated Spacing: 70’ between

sensors on smooth ceilings.

Compatible Bases: SD505-6AB

(Sold Separately) SD505-6SB