Silent Knight SD505-DUCTR Duct Detector w/ Relay

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Model SD505-DUCTR Analog Duct Smoke Detector with Relay Module

The Model SD505-DUCTR Addressable Duct Smoke Detector with Relay provides early detection

of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through an HVAC duct to prevent

re-circulation of smoke into the air handling system. The SD505-DUCTR is a heavy duty metal

housing with a pre-installed SD505-APS Analog Photo Electric Smoke Sensor and relay module.

When smoke is detected in a duct, the unit communicates the condition to the IntelliKnight FACP.

The built-in relay module, in turn, turns off fans, blowers, and other devices.


• Two-wire connection to SLC

• Detects and limits spread of smoke

• LED alarm indication and communication on sensor head

• Rugged steel backbox with clear plastic cover

• Installation template included

• No screens or filters to clean

• SD505-APS Photoelectric Smoke Detector pre-installed

• 3 standard tube lengths

• UL listed, complies with NFPA 72 and 101

• CSFM listed

• MEA Approved 429-92-E, Vol 9

• FM Approved






Dimensions: 2¼” H x 9” L x 7¼” W

Weight: 3lbs


Operating Voltage: 24 VDC

Alarm Relay Contact rating:

10A @ 24 VDC;10A @ 115 VAC;

10A @ 240 VAC

Trouble Relay Contact Rating:

2.5A @ 30 VDC

Aux. Power Input Current:

20mA Standby, 62 mA Alarm

SLC Input Current: 0.5 mA

Max. SLS resistance: 50 Ohms