Silent Knight 5495 Conventional Power Supply 6 Amp

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Connection to Local Fire Control

The 5495 may be connected to a local fire control which utilizes Class A or

Class B type notification circuits operating between 9 and 32 VDC. The

control panel’s notification circuit is connected to one of the inputs on the 5495.

The control panel’s notification circuit end-of-line resistor is also connected across two terminals on the 5495,

which provides supervision between the 5495 and the fire control

panel. Polarized audible and/or visual notification devices are then connected

to the 5495 signal circuits using the 4.7k? end-of-line resistors provided.

Since the 5495 draws very little power from the control, it is possible to

connect one 5495 to each notification circuit on the control panel and still

provide full supervision of the notification circuits all the way back to

the control panel.



• UL Listed for 6 amps of notification power

• Power supply’s advanced switch mode design reduces damaging

   heat and manages power up to 50% more efficiently than other systems

• Dip switches allow for easy reconfiguration

• 24 VDC filtered output voltage

• Four power-limited notification outputs; 2 Class A or 4 Class B, or 1

Class A and 2 Class B

• Additional continuous auxiliary output

• 3 amps per output circuit

• 2 inputs; 2 Class B or 2 Class A

• Ground fault detector/indicator

• Independent trouble relay

• AC loss delay option shuts off power to non-essential high-current

accessories like magnetic door holders

• Built-in synchronization for appliances from System Sensor®,Gentex®, AMSECO®,

   Wheelock and Faraday

• Stand alone operation

• Lightweight design adds to ease of installation and reduces shipping costs

• Operates with most polarized, UL Listed notification devices

• ANSI Cadence pattern output capability built-in