Silent Knight 5808 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, Intelliknight 129PT

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• Built-in support for up to 99 SK detectors and 99 SK modules.

• Built in support for 127 SD devices.

• Up to 125 zones and 125 output groups.

• Uses standard wire—no shielded or twisted pair required

• Built-in digital communicator.

• Central station reporting by point or by zone

• Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or 7) configuration for SLC.

• Distributed, intelligent power.

• Drift compensation.

• 13 pre-programmed output cadences, (including ANSI-3.41), and 4 programmable outputs.

• Notification circuits can be configured as 2 Class A (Style Z) or 4 Class B (Style Y), or auxiliary power for

   resettable, constant, or door holder power.

• Built-in annunciator with 80-character LCD display.

• RS-485 bus provides communication to system accessories.

• Built-in RS-232 and USB interface for programming via a PC.

• Upload or download programming, event history, or detector status via remote or direct connection.

• Improvements in SKSS deliver five times faster upload/downloads.

• Built-in synchronization for appliances from AMSECO, Gentex®, Faraday, System Sensor®, and Wheelock®.

• One Form C trouble relay rated at 2.5A at 27.4 VDC and two Form C programmable relays rated at 2.5A at 27.4 VDC.

• Plex-2 door option combines a dead front cabinet door with a clear window, limiting access to the panel while providing single

  button operation of the reset and silence functions.

• Integrated dead front panel protects operator from exposure to electrical components.

• The FACP enclosure features a Plexiglass® viewing window to protect annunciator.

• Acknowledge function allows operator to keep track of event status.


The 5800 can be surface or flush mounted.


The 5808 signal line circuit (SLC) supports

multiple device types of the same protocol:

• SK

• SD

You cannot mix SD and SK SLC devices on a FACP.