Siemens PE-11 Photoelectric Detector

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The Cerberus Pyrotronics Siemens PE-11 Photoelectric Detector, with its microprocessor-controlled self-diagnostic circuitry, eliminates cumbersome sensitivity test equipment. It is the most advanced detector in its class. This detector employs a simple twist-in base for ease of maintenance and has a field cleanable/replaceable labyrinth and bug screen. This detector is highly immune to the false alarm caused by deceptive phenomena such as dust or RF. The PE-11 has a full range of accessories available, including remote alarm indicator, remote sensitivity and alarm indicator, relay, audible base, and a base adapter that allows use in older Cerberus Pyrotronics DB-3S Series bases.

The Siemens PE-11 Photoelectric Detector contains an infra-red light-emitting and a light-sensing photo diode in display so that under normal conditions, light from the LED does not reach the photo diode. The electrical signal is comparing to a factory set alarm threshold, and if sufficient to indicate an alarm, latches the detector alarm. This reset at the control panel.

In addition, this listed self-testing circuitry tests the detector for defective operation or contamination every 7-8 seconds. If a problem is detected, the multi-color LED indicator flash amber until the problem is corrected. The detector flashes green in normal operation. This self-diagnostic system eliminates the need for external test meters or other equipment for detector testing and also alerts users to trouble conditions prior to periodic system checks.