Siemens OP921 Fire Alarm Smoke Detector

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The Photoelectric Smoke  Detector  (Model  OP921)  uses  state-of-the-art  micro controller circuitry   and   surface-mount   technology   for   maximum   reliability.      Model   OP921 incorporates an optical  sensor  using  a  light-scattering  detection  principle. The device utilizes advanced software algorithms to analyze the signals, and provides highly stable and accurate smoke detection. Model  OP921 also uses  state-of-the-art  microprocessor  circuitry  with  error  check; detector self-diagnostics, and supervision programs. Each  detector  fits  into  one  (1)  wall-or-ceiling  footprint,  and  only  occupies  one  (1) address on the signal-line circuit (SLC)Model  OP921  is  a  plug-in,  two-wire  and  addressable  photoelectric  smoke  detector.  Model OH921  is  Underwriters’  Laboratories  Listed  [UL268A  Listed  for  direct  in-air duct usage]. Each detector consists of a dust-resistant photoelectric chamber and microprocessor-based electronics with a low-profile plastic housing. Model OP921 maybe installed on the same initiating circuit with the Siemens Model `H’-series detectors [when used with Cerberus PRO Modular | FireFinder XLS/V | FC/FV9–series FACPs] –

• HFP-11, HFPT-11

• Model `XTRI’-series manual stations

• Model `HTRI’-series interfaces

• Model `HMS’-series manual stations

• Model HCP output-control detection devices

• Model `HZM’-series of addressable, conventional zone modules.