Potter Amseco PSN-106B 10A Conventional Power Supply with 6 Outputs (BLACK)

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The Potter Amseco PSN-106B is a notification power expander with a 10 amp and 6 output configuration. Each output is rated at 3 amps and it may be used continuously without any derating.

The PSN-106B operates on either 120 VAC or 220 VAC power input and has a regulated 24 VDC output. In addition, the panel can charge up to 55 AH batteries and leads the industry in housing up to 18 AH batteries.

The PSN-106's cabinet is constructed out of 18 gauge cold rolled steel and has a durable red powder coat finish. In addition, a key lock is provided for securing the door. Ample electrical knockouts are provided on the sides and the top, allowing the installer options for running wires and maintaining the correct separations.



  • 10 Amps regulated with 6 outputs
  • Color- Black
  • Outputs Rated at 3 amps maximum each
  • May be configured as up to three class A Style "Z"notification circuits
  • 3 amp, 24 VDC programmable output power
  • Supervised Battery Charger: 27.3@ 1A (supports 7-55 AH batteries)
  • Easy to install cabinet with leveling mounts and key lock
  • Wiring knockouts provided on sides and top of cabinet
  • Two Trouble Relays (5A at 30VDC): General System Trouble (programmable for AC delay), Low AC Trouble with optional delay settings
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Status LEDs for Active NAC and NAC trouble conditions; Status LEDs for Earth Fault (Amber), AC (Green), Battery Fault (Amber)
  • Trouble Memory feature captures troubles which have previously restored
  • Synchronized notification appliance circuits: Potter/AMSECO, Wheelock, Gentex, System Sensor
  • Configurable output circuits (DIP switch sets options for each circuit)
  • 15 mA at 8-33 VDC input trigger
  • Reference EOL allows 2K 27K EOL value to be used
  • Quadra sync provides panel wide synchronization of same or multiple brands
  • PassThru mode allows the Outputs to match the Input Signal