Notifier NC-100R Addressable Relay Module

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The NC-100R(A) Addressable Relay Module provides NOTIFIER’s FireWarden Series intelligent control panels with two isolated sets of Form-C dry-contact outputs for activating a variety of auxiliary devices, such as fans, dampers, door holders,
control equipment, etc. Addressability allows the dry contact to be activated, either manually or through panel programming, on a select basis.

• Built-in type identification automatically identifies these devices to the control panel.
• Internal circuitry and relay powered directly by two-wire SLC loop.
• Integral LED “blinks” green each time a communication is received from the control   panel and turns on in steady when activated.
• High noise immunity (EMF/RFI).
• Wide viewing angle of LED.
• SEMS screws with clamping plates for wiring ease.
• Direct Decade entry of address: 01 – 99 with the FireWarden-100-2(C) and 01 – 50 with the FireWarden-50(C).


Normal operating voltage: 15 to 32 VDC.

Maximum SLC current draw: 6.5 mA (LED).

Average operating current: 230 A direct poll (CLIP mode),
255 A group poll with LED flashing EOL resistance: not used.

Temperature range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).

Humidity range: 10% to 93% non-condensing.

Dimensions: 4.5" (11.43 cm) high x 4" (10.16 cm) wide x
1.25" (3.175 cm) deep. Mounts to a 4" (10.16 cm) square x
2.125" (5.398 mm) deep box.