Notifier FMM-101 Mini monitor module

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The FMM-101 has four different monitor modules are available for Notifier’s intelligent control panels for a variety of applications. Monitor modules supervise a circuit of dry-contact input devices, such as conventional heat detectors and manual call points, or monitor and power a circuit of two-wire smoke detectors.

FMM-101 Monitor Module
Is a standard-sized module that supervises a circuit of dry-contact input devices.
The FMM-1 Monitor Module is intended for use in intelligent, two-wire systems, where
the individual address of each module is selected using the built-in rotary switches.
It provides either a two-wire or four-wire fault-tolerant Initiating Device Circuit (IDC)
for normally-open-contact fire alarm and supervisory devices. The module has a
panel-controlled LED indicator. The FMM-1 can be used to replace replace MMX-1 modules in existing systems.


• Built-in type identification automatically identifies this device as a monitor
module to the control panel.
• Powered directly by two-wire SLC loop. No additional power required.
• High noise (EMF/RFI) immunity.
• Direct-dial entry of address: 01 – 159 on FlashScan loops; 01 – 99 on CLIP loops.
• LED flashes green during normal operation (this is a programmable option) and latches on steady red to indicate alarm.
• Compatible with FlashScan