Notifier CPU2-640

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Central processing unit for the NFS2-640 

-- 1 (expandable to 2) Style 4, 6, or 7 Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs)  
-- capacity: 636 total intelligent devices; 159 detectors/159 modules per SLC
-- 4 built in (1.5 amps ea.) Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)
-- Voice Evacuation Available with integrated Digital Voice Command
-- Compatible for use with NOTI-FIRE-NET networks

-- FSP-851 Photo Detector
-- FSP-851T Photo Detector w/ fixed Thermal element.
-- FST-851 Thermal Detector, fixed
-- FST-851R Thermal Detector, fixed and rate-of-rise
-- FAPT-851 Acclimate Plus Multi-Sensor
-- FSC-851 IntelliQuaD Multi-Criteria Detector
-- FSA-8000 Intelligent FAAST Detector
-- FCO-851 IntelliQuaD Multi-Criteria Detector + CO detector
-- FMM-4-20 Gas Detection Module

-- B210LP Standard U.S. flanged low-profile mounting base.
-- B710LP Standard replacement flanged low-profile mounting base.
-- B501 Standard European flangeless mounting base.
-- B200S Intelligent, programmable sounder base
-- B200SR Intelligent sounder base - Replaces B501BH series bases in retrofit applications.
-- B224RB Plug-in System Sensor relay base.
-- B224BI Plug-in System Sensor isolator detector base.
NOTE: All base types require an electrical backbox which is at least 1.5" (3.81 cm) deep.

-- NBG-12LX Addressable pull station, visible LED
-- FMM-1 Monitor Module
-- FMM-101 Monitor Module Mini
-- FDM-1 Monitor module, dual, two independent Class B circuits
-- FZM-1 Monitor module, two-wire smoke detectors
-- FCM-1 Control Module
-- FRM-1 Relay Module
-- XP5-M Transponder, monitor, five addressable Class B circuits
-- XP5-C Transponder, control/relay, five addressable Class B circuits
-- ISO-X Isolator Module