Notifier CDRM-300 Dual Relay Monitor Module

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The CDRM-300(A) multi output-input module is designed for use with Fire•Lite Fire Alarm Control Panels. The addressable module is intended for use in intelligent, two-wire loops. It includes two individual relay control modules and two Class B monitor modules. Each relay output is intended for Form C switching applications which do not require wiring supervision for the load circuit. Each monitor input provides an interface between a fire alarm control panel and one or more normally open contact-type devices. Each relay output has its own green LED.


Powered by SLC loop directly, no external power required.

• Mounts in standard junction boxes (4.0"/10.16 cm square, 2.125"/5.398 cm deep).

• Integral LEDs flash red during normal operation and latch on steady red to indicate alarm.

• Compatible with LiteSpeed™ and CLIP systems.

• Addressable-analog communication.• Sleek, low-profile design.• Two-wire SLC connection.

• Rotary, decimal addressing: 01-159 with MS-9600UDLS and MS-9600LS series systems, and 01-99 with MS-9200UDLS(C) Firmware 4.

• Addresses can be viewed and changed without electronic programmers


Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).Relative

Humidity: 10% – 93% non-condensing.

Size: 4.675" H x 4.275" W x 1.4" D. (Mounts to a 4" square by 2-1/8" deep box.)

Shipping Weight: 6.3 oz. (178.6 grams).

Normal Operating Voltage: 15 to 32 VDC.Maximum Current Draw: 24 mA (4 LEDs on