Farenhyt IFP-1000 intelligent analog/addressable fire

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The IFP-1000HV offers the same functionality

and features as the IFP-1000 but is configured for 240 VAC operation.

IFP-1000/HV has six on-board Flexput™ circuits that can be

configured for auxiliary power, notification outputs, or for conventional

smoke detector inputs (Class A or Class B). The FACP also has a

built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay, and

two programmable Form C relays. The firmware has powerful features

such as detector sensitivity, day/night thresholds, drift compensation,

pre-trouble maintenance alert, and calibration trouble alert.



• Built-in support for up to 127 Hochiki devices or 99 IDP detectors and 99 IDP modules, expandable to 1016 Hochiki devices or 792

   IDP detectors and 792 IDP modules

• Uses standard wire—no shielded or twisted pair required

• Built-in UL listed digital communicator for remote reporting of system activity and system programming

• Central station reporting by point or by zone

• Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or Style 7) configuration for SLC, and SBUS

• Distributed, intelligent power

• Sensor sensitivity settings, day/night sensitivity setting and automatic drift compensation

• Flexput™ I/O circuits configurable for auxiliary power, notification outputs, or conventional smoke detector inputs. Notification circuits

   can be configured as Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y). 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors can be configured as Class A (Style D) or

   Class B (Style B)

• Built-in annunciator with a backlit 80-character LCD display

• RS-485 bus provides communication to system accessories

• Built-in RS-232 and USB interface for programming