Farenhyt IFP-100 Addressable fire alarm control panel (BOARD ONLY)

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IFP-100 is an intelligent analog/addressable fire control panel. The
basic IFP-100 system has a single SLC loop and four notification appliance circuits that can be  programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power.IFP-100 also has a built-In dualline  digitalfire communicator,Form C trouble relay,and two programmable Fonn C relays.The firmware has  powerfulfeatures, such as detector senslllvtty,day/night thresholds,drift compensation and  pre-trouble maintenance alert. IFP-100 supports a variety of other devices that can be added to the system such as RA-100 remote  annunciator,5824 serial/parallel printer interface module (for printing system reports),and 5496  intelligent power module,and SD or IDP Protocol devices.



•Built-in support for up to127 SO devices or 99 IDP detectors and 99
• Uses standard wire--no shielded or twisted pair required
• Built-in digital communicator for remote reporting of system activity and system programming  using either SIA or CID formats.
• Central staUon reporting by point or by zone
•  Jumpstarte auto-programming
•  Supports Class B (Style 4} and Class A (Style 6 or Style 7) configuration for SLC
• Distributed,intelligent power Built-in synchronization for AMSE.CO,Gentex4D,Faraday,System Sensor®,and Wheelock® appliances
•  Sensor sensitivity settings and day/night sensitivity setting
• Automatic drift compensation
• Notification circuits configurable as 2 Class A (Style Z),4 Class B (Style Y), or   Auxiliary power  for resettable,constant,or door holder power  Built-in annunciator with a backlit 80-character LCD display
• RS-485 bus provides communication to system accessories
• Built-in Form C trouble relay rated at 2.5 amps at 27.4 VDC
• Two built-in Form C programmable relays rated at 2.5 amps at 27.4 VDC
• SLC device locator can be used to locate a single or multiple devices on a SLC loop
• System automatically performs detector sensitivity test 13 preset notification cadence patterns (includingANSI3A1) and four user programmable patterns
• Built-in R8-232 and USB interface for programming
• Upload or download programming,event history,or detector status onsite or from a remote location using a PC and 5650/5651 Silent Knight Software Suite (SKSS)
• Improvements in SKSS deliver five times faster upload/downloads
• Non volatile event history stores up to 1000 events
• 125 Software zones and 125 output groups
• Programmable date setting for Daylight Saving lime