Honeywell HPFF12 Nac Power Supply

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The Honeywell HPFF12  Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) Expander Power Supplies designed to extend the power capabilities of existing NACs and provide power for auxiliary devices. The HPFF12 connects to any 12 or 24V Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or stand alone panel. It is available in 12.0 amps and provides regulated and filtered 24VDC power to four NA Cs and an auxiliary output.The NAC outputs are rated at 3.0 amps each and the auxiliary output is rated at 2.0 amps (this output is continuously supplied, even in alarm, and therefore must be taken into account for power supply loading and battery size calculations). The combined output cannot exceed 12.0 amps.The HPFF12 provide independent output circuit supervision so that in the event of an NAC fault they can notify the attached FACP. In addition, they have a trouble memory
feature that displays past troubles (by NAC) for rapid diagnostics. Synchronization is built-in for five appliance brands. The HPFF12 has two fully independent supervised initiating circuits that can be used for synchronized strobes
and coded horns.The NAC outputs may be configured as any of the following:

•   four Class B (Style Y)
•   two Class A (Style Z)
•   two Class B and one Class A
•   four Class A with the optional HPP31076 Class A adapter

These  power  supplies  contain  an  internal  Battery  charger
capable of charging up to 26.0 amp-hour (AH) batteries.
The  HPFF12  is  mounted  in  a  lockable  wall  cabinet  that  can
accommodate  up  to  two  18AH  batteries.  The  HPFF12CM  is
designed  to  mount  in  Honeywell’s  large  equipment  enclosure
(EQBB-D4;  order  separately).    Up  to  three  HPFF12CM  sup-
plies can be mounted in a D-sized EQ cabinet in positions 2, 3,
and 4. Each HPFF12CM can accommodate two 12AH batteries.


•   Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
•   Four  (4)  power  limited  supervised  notification  application circuits  (NAC's)  capable  of  supplying  +24VDC  at  3.0  amp maximum each.
•   NAC output circuits may be configured as any of the following:

Four Class B (Style Y).

Two Class B & one Class A.

Two Class A (Style Z).

Four Class A (requires the HPP31076 Class A adapter).

•   Four field-programmable operational modes:


Temporal generator.

Sync generator.

Pass-through Filtered.
•   Temporal coding and sync protocols compatible with the fol-
lowing notification appliance brands:

System Sensor.





•   Protocol pass-through for synchronizing large systems.
•   Two fully independent supervised input/output control circuits.
•   Redundant activation operation for survivability.
•   Supports FACP’s Selectable Silence ability.
•   2.0 amp auxiliary continuously supplied output.
•   Eight status LEDs