Gamewell-FCI GWXP95-LI Analog Addressable Line Isolator

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The Gamewell-FCI Analog Addressable Systems can be wired as Style 7 (Class A)closed-loop systems. This standard allows these systems to be interrogated from either end of the loop, so that all the devices can remain in operation, in case an open circuit fault in the wiring occurs. A short-circuit fault can potentially disable the whole loop. By placing the Gamewell-FCI XP95-LI Line Isolator modules along the loop, only the small section between the isolators will be affected by the short-circuit fault.The XP95-LI Line Isolator mounts directly to a unique base for ease of installation.The unique base will not accept any other XP95 products. This feature prevents you from installing other types of XP95 devices in place of the Isolator


The Gamewell-FCI XP95-LI Line Isolator uses a patented technique to recognize a wiring short-circuit. This technique monitors a drop in the voltage. In standby operation, the Isolator provides a two-way power and data pathway with a low resistance of 0.4 ± 0.1 ohms in either direction. If the incoming or outgoing supply voltage falls below 15 V ± 0.5 V, this is detected and the Line Isolator from the remainder of the SLC isolates the short-circuit. The yellow LED on the Isolator will then flash at three-second intervals. The Isolator continues to monitor the voltage,and when you repair the short-circuit, the Isolator automatically reverts to its low-resistance condition.To determine the ideal number of isolators, refer to the System Layout that allows a maximum of 50 Isolator modules placed on any Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). The Isolators are polarity sensitive, and you must connect the terminals as follows:• Connect the positive DC supply to terminal “L2 IN/OUT”• Connect the negative DC supply to terminal “L1 IN/OUT


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