Gamewell-FCI MCS-COF3-IV Addressable Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector Color Ivory

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**


The latest addition of the Gamewell-FCI’s Advanced Detection product line integrates four (4) complementary technologies into one device to convey accurate fire sensing information to locations where fire fighter response-time is critical. The Gamewell-FCI MCS4Warn is an advanced multi-criteria plugin detector that assembles four (4) unique sensing elements into one unit.

  • Electrochemical cell technology that monitors carbon monoxide (CO) produced by smoldering fires
  • Infrared (IR) sensing that measures ambient light levels and flame signatures
  • Photo-electric smoke detection
  • Thermal detection for temperature monitoring It is designed to be used with the Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series® fire alarm control panel only.

This ability to reject certain nuisance alarm triggers, such as theater smoke, supports the use of the fire/CO detector in applications where moderate to heavy nuisance conditions exist that might cause single sensing detectors to false alarm.UL models meet UL 268 7th edition and UL 521 listing requirements for fire detection and UL 2075 standard for system-connected life safety carbon monoxide detection. Released through the incomplete burning of various fuels, CO is a colorless, odorless and deadly gas that is virtually impossible to detect with the human senses. Because the potential exists for dangerous levels of CO to accumulate in almost any building, legislation mandating the use of CO detection in commercial spaces continues to grow. B200S series intelligent sounder bases are recommended for use with MCS-COF3 and MCS-COF3-IV. These bases can generate either a Temp 3 pattern for fire or a Temp 4 pattern for CO alarm indication. The B200S series bases recognize the System Sensor synchronization protocol for use as a component of the general evacuation signal — along with other System Sensor Audible/Visible devices — when connected to a power supply or Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) output capable of generating the System Sensor synchronization pulses.


  • Detects all four major elements of a fire
  • Separate CO detection signal
  • Operates in Velociti® SLC protocol
  • Separate audible signal for fire or CO alarm when used with a B200S series base
  • Highest nuisance alarm immunity
  • Automatic drift compensation for smoke and CO sensors
  • New modern profile with expanded color options
  • Uses only one address on the SLC loop


Physical Specifications
Diameter: 6.875" (175 mm)
Height: 2.7" (69 mm)
Shipping Weight: 3.4 oz
Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 100° F (0° to 38° C)
Operating Humidity: 15% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Accessories - Bases (Purchased separately) SMB600: Surface mounting kit (flanged)TR300: Trim ring, whiteTR300-IV: Trim ring, ivoryCK300-IR: IR color kit (includes cover and trim ring), white, 10 packCK300-IR-IV: IR color kit (includes cover and trim ring), ivory, 10 packCK300-IR-BL: IR color kit (includes cover and trim ring), black, 10 pack RA100Z: Remote LED annunciatorM02-04-00: Detector test magnet M02-09-00: Telescoping test magnet