Gamewell-FCI LCD-SLP Annunciator Liquid Crystal Display

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The Gamewell-FCI, Liquid Crystal Display, Smart Loop

Panel (LCD-SLP) is a touchscreen annunciator display

used with the S3 Series and E3 Series® Systems. The

LCD-SLP provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for

the operator’s control. The 4.3” (10.92 cm) color touchscreen

display shows the following:

• System Status • Service modes

• Event details

The following identify the LED Indicators that display on

the panel.

• AC (green) • Supervisory (yellow)

• Fire Alarm (red) • Trouble (yellow)

• Hazard (blue) • Silenced (yellow)

The five fully-programmable front panel switch/LED combinations

provide a direct access to perform the following


• Device Bypass

• Lamp Test

• Enable/Disable Groups or Devices The display features the following physical switches.

• Menu • System Reset

• Five Programmable Switches

• Drift Walk Test