Gamewell-FCI LCD-E3 LCD Keypad Display

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The LCDE3 provides the main panel display of the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System with indicating LEDs and operating switches. Up to six (6), LCDE3 displays may be locally or remotely located from the panel via a local RS485 bus of the ILIMBE3/ILI95MBE3 sub-assembly.

The LCDE3 includes an LCD display for the system status and the following switches and LED indicators:


  • Listed under UL Standard 864, 9th Edition
  • Provides an 80-character display of system events together with indicating LEDs and control switches
  • The ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 can support up to six (6), LCDE3 displays, any or all of which may be remotely located via the RS-485 serial interface
  • Easy to read backlit LED display, low power consumption


  • Alarm acknowledge
  • System reset/lamp test
  • Trouble acknowledge
  • Function buttons: menu/back, back space, edit OK
  • Signal silence
  • 12 button keypad

LED Indicators

  • AC Power On (green)
  • Power Fault (yellow)
  • Alarm (red)
  • Ground Fault (yellow)
  • Supervisory (yellow)
  • System Silenced (yellow)
  • System Trouble (yellow)


The LCDE3 is adaptable for installation in any of the following E3 Series® System cabinets:

  • “A” size cabinet, inner door (E3ID2A)
  • “A2” size cabinet, inner door (E3IDA2)
  • “B” size cabinet, inner door (E3ID2B)
  • “C” size cabinet, inner door (E3ID2C)
  • “D” size cabinet, inner door (E3ID2D)


Operating Voltage 24 VDC FWR (from PM-9 power supply)
Operating Current 0.024 amp
Alarm Current 0.028 amp
Operating Temperature 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 0 to 93%, non-condensing at 90° F (32° C)