Gamewell-FCI INI-VGX Transponder Voice Gateway Board

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The Gamewell-FCI, INX Intelligent Network Transponder serves as the point of distribution for the system’s audio and fire fighter telephone risers. It is a component of the following systems. • E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System • E3 Series Combined Fire and Mass Notification System • E3 Series Broadband Audio Evacuation System The INX occupies a single node on the E3 Broadband network and it is connected by a single pair of unshielded, twisted wires, fiber-optic cable or any combination of the two. Each E3 Broadband node can be spaced on the network up to a maximum distance of 3,000 feet (914.4 m) or up to an 8 dB loss using a fiber-optic cable. Builtin isolation at each node permits Style 4, Style 6, and Style 7 network configurations. The E3 Broadband Audio Evacuation System is a peer-to-peer, self-regenerating, token ring network comprised of up to 64 individual nodes. In addition, the Addressable Node Expander (ANX) board expands the network to 122 nodes.