Gamewell-FCI GWPID-95 Point Identification Device

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The Gamewell-FCI PID-95P addressable point identification device is the interface between the non-powered, normally open, dry-contact devices and Gamewell-FCI’s 600 Series and ILI95-E3 Series. of analog addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs). Point identification devices monitor a single Style B circuit, and are designed for concealed mounting in an electrical backbox. The PID-95P can be surface or flush mounted and has a visible LED for alarm/annunciation.


The point identification device connects to the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) via two wires. The PID-95 will monitor,via a two-wire supervised SLC circuit, contact-type devices such as a waterflow switch or a manual station. Upon activation of the monitored device, the PID-95 will report its address to the 600 Series and ILI95-E3 Series FACP via the analog SLC. The control panel will then activate into all alarm programmed outputs related to the PID-95.


The PID-95 is programmed by setting a single DIP switch, easily accessible on the device’s printed circuit board. The DIP switch sets the address of the device and the priority interrupt (DIP SW #8). All other programming is accomplished at the FACP through a laptop computer or the control panel operator’s display. (600 Series only).

Standard Application

The PID-95 is the interface between the dry-contact type devices and the SLC of the control panel. The PID-95 is a means of connecting and identifying monitor points without the use of conventional input modules at the main control panel. The use of PID-95s can dramatically reduce the field


  • Compatible with the Gamewell-FCI, 600 Series and ILI95-E3 Series Systems
  • Monitors dry-contact devices
  • Includes an LED for alarm annunciation
  • Field programmable
  • Provides priority interrupt
  • Offers a plate-mounted version available for surface or flush mounting in a 4" x 4.688" (10.16 cm x 11.908 cm) double gang backbox or 4” x (10.16 cm) square backbox