Gamewell-FCI GWMS-95T Addressable Manual Pull Station

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The Gamewell-FCI MS-95/MS-95T Addressable Station is a non-coded, single-action, manual pull station with a key-lock reset feature. Its rugged toggle switch design offers exceptional resistance to accidental alarms caused by a sudden vibration or shock. The MS-95 can be used for surface and semi-flush installations. It is compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI addressable fire alarm control panels (FACPs).

• 600 Series, IdentiFlex 602

•E3 Series®, ILI95-E3 Series

• S3 Series, SLC95-PMThe MS-95/MS-95T are approved to UL® Standard 38 for manual pull stations that comply with the architectural requirements in all building interiors, and is readily accessible in a fire emergency. In addition, the pull stations meet the following American with Disabilities Act (ADA), AG Controls and Operating Mechanisms Guidelines (Section 4.1.3).

• 5 lb. (2 kg.) maximum pull force.

• Mounting installation height of 4 ft. (1.2m), (42” (106.48 cm)min. to 48” (121.92 cm) max. off the center).


Complies with UL® Standard 38

• Meets ADA AG Controls and Operating Mechanisms Guidelines requirements for a 5 lb. pull force and complies with the 4 ft. (1.2m) mounting height

• Compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI, addressable fire alarm control panels (FACP):- 600 Series, IdentiFlex 602 - E3 Series®, ILI95-E3 Series- S3 Series, SLC95-PM

• Constructed of durable die-cast metal

• Designed for use as a compact unit that blends with the interior

• Contains a recessed pull lever that prevents accidental operation

• Includes a key reset option

•Used for surface or semi-flush installations

• Shows a visible status LED

• Provides field programming

• Offers both wire and terminal block, single action options

• Available in the terminal block model (MS-95T)


Standby Current: 0.0008 A (0.8 mA) Alarm Current:0.0015 A (1.5 mA) Operating

Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)Relative Humidity:93%, non condensing

Power: 24 VDC Material:Die-cast aluminum Finish:Fire alarm red, smooth gloss enamel. Raised cast letters are high-lighted. Target background for pull lever is white glossed enamel