Gamewell-FCI FCI-CHG-120 Battery Charging System Voice Evacuation

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The FCI-CHG-120 is the compatible battery charging system that is designed for use with the AA-100 and the AA-120 bulk amplifiers. It is used to charge lead-acid batteries between 25 and 120 ampere-hours (A/H)

Construction and Features

The FCI-CHG-120 consists of a PC board and a mounting chassis. The FCI-CHG-120 contains the following Diagnostic LEDs

  • Primary AC ON
  • Charger Trouble
  • Battery Voltage Level (3 LEDs)
  • Ground Fault
  • Low Battery
  • Lo Charge
  • Hi Charge


Use the FCI-CHG-120 Battery Charging System when the batteries are required for standby between 25 to 120 A/H. The FCI-CHG-120 has the capability to charge two 26 A/H batteries or two 50 A/H batteries.



You can install the FCI-CHG-120 within 20 ft. (6.096 m) from the main fire alarm control panel. There are a variety of mounting options available for the FCI-CHG-120. The FCI-CHG-120 can be mounted in the CAB-4 Series backbox or the FCI-LBB Battery backbox (used for remote installations)