Gamewell-FCI B300-6 Color Bright White Standard 6” Base

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System Sensor offers standard 4" and 6" bases, as well as, specialty base designs including relay, isolator, sounder and low frequency sounder options for Select Series detectors. The standard 4" and 6" bases offer a plug-in detector base intended for use in intelligent systems, with screw terminals provided for power (+ and –), and remote annunciator connections. Communication takes place over the power (+ and –) lines. The 4" base offers a compact design while the 6" base provides compatibility with a wider range of junction boxes. The Select Series specialty bases support application driven requirements. The bases employ a separate mounting plate that installs on various junction box sizes to eliminate unsightly surface-mount boxes. The mounting plate enables pre-wiring of all connections to speed and simplify installation.  They offer maximum flexibility in installation, configuration, and operation to meet or exceed UL 268 and UL 464 requirements.


• Bases enable quick and secure detector plug-in

• SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection

• Support for 12-24 AWG provides installation flexibility

• Multiple base formats meet application requirements

• Standard white color with ivory and black options

• UL 268 compliant

• Mechanical locking feature restricts removal of attached sensor head Specialty Base Features

• Pre-wired mounting plate simplifies installation

• Application driven feature sets

• Sounder bases both UL 268 and UL 464 compliant