Gamewell-FCI ASD-LS3 Analog Addressable Laser Smoke Sensor 32° to 100° F

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The Gamewell-FCI, Model ASDLS, is a low profile laser smoke sensor tht adds another new dimension to analog addressable fire detection. It incorporates laser smoke detection technology that provides unsurpassed sensitivity and response to maximize detection. This feature makes the sensor ultra-sensitive to smoke, as much as 100 times more sensitive than conventional photo-electric smoke detection technology.

An innovative laser diode and precision optics design combine with an array of integral software tools to allow the sensor to quickly identify the fire. The sensor can swiftly sense smoldering fires, but yet can sense the smallest particles of combustion, providing a faster response to flaming fires.

The early warning capability of the ASDLS is comparable to that of Aspiration Technology, while unlike Aspirating Systems, the ASDLS can pin-point the location of the fire.

The sensor is continually monitored to measure any change in its sensitivity due to the environment (dirt, temperature, transient smoke, humidity, etc.). Patented algorithms distinguish between particles of dust and smoke. The focused beam of the laser light source minimizes reflection from accumulated dust in the optical chamber, effectively minimizing problems caused by dust build-up. The software performs its own independent analysis of the sensor signal. This analysis includes dust spike rejection, drift compensation, smoothing, multi-sensor, pre-alarm decision and alarm decision. In the event of spikes in the signal, the sensor will check the output of adjacent sensors for any appreciable signal to determine if the spike is caused by a fast flaming fire.

The sensor is a plug-in construction and is directly interchangeable in the same base with the Gamewell-FCI, ASD/ATD/Acclimate Series low-profile sensors. A wide variety of bases, with sounder, relay, etc. is available. The Remote LED annunciator capability is also available as an optional accessory.

The ASDLS sensor is Listed for use inside ducts up to a velocity of 4,000 FPM.


  • Compatible with Gamewell-FCI Analog Addressable Control Panels.
  • Operates in the Velociti® or CLIP mode.
  • High Sensitivity for both smoldering and fast flaming fires.
  • Includes patented algorithms that ignore transient smoke and dust particles.
  • Provides low profile construction and an easy plug-in of the head to base.
  • Offers the following built-in features: Signal processing, Tamper-resistant, Test switch
  • Supports a remote test feature (originating from the panel).
  • 360° view angle of dual alarm LEDs.
  • Optional bases for auxiliary functions.
  • Maximum air velocity 4,000 FPM.


Sensitivity: .02 - 0.8%/ft.
Operating Voltage: 15-32 VDC
Standby Current: .00033 amp @ 24 VDC
Alarm Current (max.): .0065 amp @ 24 VDC
Operating/Installation Temperature: 32° to 100° F (0° to 38° C)
Operating Humidity: 10% to 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 4.1” (10.4 cm) installed in the B501base. 6.1” (15.5 cm) installed in the B210LP base.
Weight 5 oz.