Gamewell-FCI AM-50-70 amplifiers 50 watt, digital switching power amplifier

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The Gamewell-FCI, AM-50 Series amplifiers are a 50-watt, digital,  switching  power amplifier. 

•   The AM-50-70 amplifier produces 70.7V

RMS audio output.The amplifiers are components of the following E3 Series


•   E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System
•   E3 Series Combined Fire and Mass Notification System
•   E3 Series Broadband Voice Evacuation System
WARNING: AM-50 Series Amplifiers Node Restriction:
The INI-VGX can support up to 4 AM-50 Series amplifiers
with the same output voltage. However, you cannot wire an AM-50-25 amplifier and an AM-50-70 amplifier to the same INI-VGX Voice Gateway Node. Each  AM-50  Series  amplifier  provides  2  speaker  circuits that can be wired Style Y (Class “B”) or Style Z (Class “A”). The  terminal  connections  can  accommodate  up  to  12 AWG, twisted-pair, shielded wire. Both speaker circuits pro- duce a combined total of 50 watts of power. The 50 watts of power can be divided between the 2 integral Class A/B speaker circuits. The 2 speaker circuits may be individually activated  and  supervised  by  an  INI-VGX  Transponder Voice Gateway. The AM-50 Series amplifier can be programmed to broad-cast 16 messages generated from its local INI-VGX Voice Gateway. In addition, the AM-50 Series amplifiers produce superior clarity for intelligible LIVE voice paging. When the selected System Sensor, SpectrAlert Advance Series speakers are used with the Manufacturer’s 520 Hzaudiophile, the  E3  Series System  is  compliant  with  UL Standard 464 Low Frequency requirements.  For additional information, refer to the SpectrAlert Advance.


  • Listed under ULStandard 864, 9th Edition.
  • Listed under UL Standard UL2572 for Mass Notification.
  • Complies with UL Standard 464 for 520 Hz Low Frequency.
  • Provides digital, switchiing amplifier technology.
  • Produces 50 watts of digital power.
  • Includes 2 speaker circuits, wired Style Y (Class B) or Style Z (ClassA).
  • Up to 4 AM-50 Series amplifiers with the same out-put voltage can be controlled by the INI-VGX voice. As many as four AM-50 Series amplifiers can be installed in the following  cabinets  when  supervised  and  controlled by an INI-VGX Voice Gateway.
  • Cabinet B, INX CAB-B
  • Cabinet C, INX-CAB-C
  • Cabinet D, INX-CAB-D