Gamewell-FCI AA-100 Series audio amplifiers dual outputs of up to 100 watts @ 70.7 V RMS

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The Gamewell-FCI AA Series audio amplifiers provide the latest  audio  technology  and  bulk  amplification  for  the Gamewell-FCI   E3   Series™   Classic   Emergency   Voice Evacuation System. Two (2) models are available. The Model AA-100 provides 100  watts  @  70.7  V RMS (power-limited),  while  the  Model AA-120  provides  120  watts  @  25  V RMS (power-limited). Both models use high-efficiency, power switching, regulation technology to reduce the generation of heat, and minimize the size for ease of installation. An integral  automatic  back-up  tone  generator  allows  for slow   whoop   or   high/low   signal   tones.   The   amplifiers include  power  supply,  battery  transfer  control,  amplifier supervision and back-up amplifier transfer control.



• AA-100 provides dual outputs of up to 100 watts @ 70.7 V RMS (max. 100 watts of combined output).
• AA-120 provides up to 120 watts @ 25 V RMS
• Low power standby mode for low battery drain.
• Includes “Grouped” or “One-to-One” backup   amplifier switching bus.
• Battery input and brown-out transfer control.
• High efficiency power-switching regulation technology.
• Plug-in terminal strips and cable connectors for ease of installation.
• 10-position level adjust and indicator LEDs.
• Integral chassis for cabinet mount.
• Includes automatic back-up tone generator (slow whoop or high/low).