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The Gamewell FCI7100 Series fire alarm control panel is a multi processor-based, analog addressable system. The control panel is a compact, yet expandable, platform. Intended for commercial, industrial and institutional installations, the 7100 Series is ideal for life safety and property protection fire alarm applications. The basic 7100 Series control panel provides one (1) or two (2), analog addressable Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs). Each SLC supports up to ninety-eight (98) analog addressable sensors, as well as up to ninety-nine (99) addressable monitor modules and/or control points. With 197 addresses available on the 7100-1 and 394 addresses available on the 7100-2.

The 7100 uses an advanced protocol that ensures an almost instant response to events while at the same time suppressing nuisance alarms. The system may be programmed with either the Windows®-based Field Configuration Program (FCP7100) or configured through a comprehensive set of intuitive, secure password protected front-panel programming options. This important feature allows the system to quickly adapt to any future requirements due to changes in occupancies, building remodels, or other contingencies. The sophisticated circuitry and powerful analog software enables the 7100 Series fire alarm control panel to read the specific sensitivity level of each sensor and compensate for changes due to age, dust accumulation or other environmental factors.

The 7100 incorporates the Gamewell-FCI Listed Integrated Sensitivity Testing (LIST) which meets NFPA 72 sensitivity testing and maintenance requirements. The LIST testing allows substantial savings in both maintenance and service while eliminating nuisance alarms. The Model 7100-1D and 2D features an integral Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) with all popular transmission formats and a 16-digit telephone number field. It is 8-digit Carrier Information Code (CIC) compliant and also prevents "dialer-runaway" in the event of intermittent system faults.


  • Listed per ANSI/UL 864 9th Edition
  • 120 or 240 VAC (optional) input line voltage
  • Front panel programming with day/night sensitivity adjustments
  • 80-character alpha-numeric display
  • One or two Style 4 (Class “B”) signaling line circuits. Style 6 (Class “A”) with optional CAOM Module
  • Two Style Y (Class “B”) regulated notification appliance circuits rated for 1.5 amp. each. Style Z (Class “A”) with optional CAOM Module
  • Suitable for pre-action deluge applications with optional MCOM Module
  • Periodic trouble reminder
  • Individual sensor drift compensation
  • Dual-stage maintenance alerts (“dirty” and “very dirty”)
  • Multilevel sensor sensitivity adjustments (front panel programmable)
  • Remote Station, Proprietary, and Central Station fire alarm systems. It allows ample space for wiring and room for batteries up to 7 A/H capacity.
  • Alarm verification per individual sensor
  • Positive alarm sequence for sensors or monitor modules
  • Four levels of system access using six (6), digit passwords with up to five (5), user passwords per Level
  • Duplicate and extra address indications
  • March time (60 or 120 BPM)/temporal pattern/coded fours/California Code/user-defined zone coding
  • Cross zoning
  • System configuration programming and 280 event log stored in non-volatile memory
  • Fan restart with sequential restart delay
  • Upload/download of panel configuration between panel and FCP-7100 program (password protected feature)
  • Up to sixty-four (64), 7100 panels in the E3 Broadband network with an optional INI-7100 Module


  • Primary Input Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 2.0 amps or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1.0 amp.
  • Output Power: 4 amps. @ 24 VDC (total)
  • Non-resettable Power: 1.0 amp. max. 1.0 amp. max. from both circuits
  • Resettable Power: 1.0 amp. max.
  • Two (2) Notification
  • Appliance Circuits: 1.5 amp. each @ 24 VDC
  • Current: Supervisory Alarm
  • 7100-2 (Two SLC) 0.065 amp. 0.085 amp.
  • 7100-2D
  • (Two SLC w/DACT) 0.085 amp. 0.105 amp.
  • LCD-7100 .012 amp. .023 amp.
  • LDM-7100 .012 amp. .023 amp.
  • (All LEDs lit)
  • INI-7100-UTP,-FO 0.040 amp. 0.040 amp.


  • Temperature: 32° - 120° F (0° - 49° C)
  • Relative Humidity: 85 % (non-condensing)
  • Battery Charger
  • Capacity: 31 A/H (Cabinet accommodates 12 A/H size batteries)
  • Alarm & Trouble
  • Relay Contacts: Form “C”, 2 amps. @ 24 VDC (resistive)