Firelite W-GATE SWIFT Wireless Gateway Device

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W-GATE is the wireless fire system gateway that acts as a bridge between the fire alarm control panel (FACP) and wireless fire devices. The wireless gateway uses mesh technology to communicate with the devices and offers high reliability for commercial applications. The W-GATE can be installed anywhere on the SLC and is an excellent solution retrofits and “hard to wire” applications. Note: W-GATE must be used with an ES-200X, ES-50X, MS-9600(UD)LS or MS-9200UDLS FACP.A 

SWIFT  Gateway  system  supports  up  to  50  devices:  1SWIFT Gateway and up to 48 wireless detectors and monitor modules,  and  1  display  driver.  The  Gateway  assumes  one SLC  address  (module),  each  wireless  device  assumes  one module  or  detector  address,  and  the  display  driver  assumes
one  SLC  address.  The  maximum  number  of  gateways  on  a system  is  limited  by  the  number  of  available  SLC  addresses on  the  FACP,  or  a  maximum  of  4  gateways  within  common wireless  range.  One  W-DIS-D  
Wireless  Display  Driver  and ANN-80-W   Annunciator   are   required   with   each   W-GATE installed.  The  W-DIS-D  and  ANN-80-W  display  wireless-spe-
cific events that cannot be displayed on the FACP.

  • W-DIS-D
  • ANN-80-W
  • W-SD355
  • W-SD355T
  • W-H355
  • W-H355R
  • W-MMF