Firelite MMF-301 Addressable Minature Monitor Module

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The Fire•Lite LCD40 Series are compact, cost-effective, 40 character, backlit LCD Fire Annunciators for use with the MS-9200 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. The LCD40 Series consists of two models: the basic LCD40 and the low-cost LCD40L. The LCD40 Series can display English-language text of system point status, including: device type, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory, zone and custom alpha labels programmed into the MS9200. The LCD40 Series also provides system status LEDs to display Power, Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory. Remote control of critical system functions (Reset, Silence, Acknowledge, and Drill) can be accomplished with the model LCD40 only.


  • English language, 40 character (20 characters x 2 lines) backlit, Liquid Crystal Display
  • Control switches for System Acknowledge, Signal Silence, Drill and Reset with enable key are included on the model LCD40 only (shown)
  • Both models include system status LEDs for Power, Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory
  • No programming — LCD mimics the MS-9200 display
  • Displays device type identifiers, individual point alarm, trouble or supervisory, zone and custom alpha labels
  • Time and date display field
  • Aesthetically pleasing, semi-flush mount design
  • Serial EIA-485 interface for reduced installation cost (see reverse side for wiring diagram)
  • May be powered by 24 VDC from the host FACP or by remote power supplies (requires filtered, regulated power)
  • Up to 32 LCD-40 Series annunciators per MS9200
  • Plug-in terminal blocks for easy installation and service
  • Can be remotely located up to 3,000 feet (914.4 m) from host control panel
  • Local piezo sounder with alarm and trouble resound
  • Semi-flush-mounts to 2-3/16"/55.5625 mm (minimum) deep, three-gang electrical box (P/N 10103); or surfacemounts to Fire•Lite SBB-3 surface backbox.


The LCD40 Series annunciators provide the MS9200 Addressable FACP with point annunciation, displayed in English- language text on a 40character LCD display. The LCD40 Series annunciators also provide an array of LEDs to indicate system status, while the LCD40 also includes control switches for remote control of critical system functions. The LCD40 Series provides the MS9200 with up to 32 remote serially connected annunciators. All field-wiring terminations on the LCD40 Series use removable, compression type terminal blocks for ease of wiring and circuit testing. Communications between the FACP and the annunciators are accomplished over an EIA-485 serial interface, greatly reducing wire and installation cost over traditional systems.

Six wires total are required: two for the EIA485 communications in (twisted-pair), two for the EIA485 communications return (twisted-pair from last LCD40(L) on loop) and two for 24 VDC regulated power. Dip switches control local functions such as: piezo disable, control switches/key switch disable, transmit/receive mode. Annunciators may be powered from the host MS9200 or remote power supplies (requires filtered, regulated power).