Firelite MMF-301 Addressable Minature Monitor Module

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The MMF-301 monitor module can be installed in a single gang junction box directly behind the monitored unit. Its small size and light weight allow it to be installed without rigid mounting (see Figure 1). The MMF-301 is intended for use in intelligent, two-wire systems where the individual address of each module is selected using rotary switches. It provides a two-wire initiating circuit for normally open contact fire alarm and security devices. This module can be used to replace an M301 module in existing systems.

Mounting and Wiring

NOTE: This module is intended to be wired and mounted without rigid connections inside a standard electrical box. All wiring must conform to applicable local codes, ordinances, and regulations.1. Connect the red (+) and black (-) wires to the positive and negative loop power leads of the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).2. Connect the violet (+) and yellow (-) wires to a two-wire, normally open initiating loop.3. Install the specified EOL resistor value to terminate the initiating loop.4. Set the address on the module per job drawings.5. Install the module in the desired mounting location.