Firelite ES-50X Addressable Fire Alarm Panel 50 Points

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The ES-50X is the latest intelligent addressable fire alarm controlpanel (FACP) from FireLite Alarms and is a direct replacement forthe MS-9050UD/LS. The ES-50X comes with a pre-installed communi-cator and supports up to 50 addressable devices in any combinationof detectors or modules. With an extensive list of powerful features,the ES-50X programs just like Fire•Lite’s other addressable panels,yet fits into applications previously served only by conventional panels.The pre-installed IPOTS-COM is a dual technology (POTS and IP)communicator. The POTS transmits system status (alarms, troubles,AC loss, etc.) to a Central Station via the public switched telephonenetwork. The IP communicator’s internet monitoring capability sendsalarm signals over the Internet saving the monthly cost of two dedi-cated business telephone lines. Although not required, the second-ary telephone line may be retained providing backup communicationover the public switched telephone line. Optional cellular reporting isavailable using the CELL-MOD or CELL-CAB-FL.Remote and local programming of the control panel is possible usingthe FS-Tools Upload/Download utility. Programming databases canbe uploaded/downloaded via the panel’s USB port (and USB cable)or via an ethernet connection using the IPOTS-COM communicator.The USB port also allows for the download or upload of the entireprogram, history file, walk-test data, current status and system volt-ages by means of a USB flash drive.The power supply and all electronics are contained on a circuitboard supported on a new quick install chassis and housed in ametal cabinet. Available accessories include local and remoteupload/download software, remote annunciators, and reverse polar-ity/city box transmitter (4XTMF).


• Listed to UL Standard 864, 10th edition
• Pre-installed IPOTS-COM Ethernet IP and POTS (Plain Old Tele-phone Service) Central Station Communicator
• Optional CELL-MOD or CELL-CAB-FL GSM Central Station Communicator over AlarmNet®
• Compatible with SWIFT® wireless devices
• Auto-programming (learn mode) reduces installation time. Reports two devices set to the same address
• Two independently programmable, built-in Style Z (Class A) or Style Y (Class B) NAC circuits
• Selectable strobe synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex devices
• Notification Appliance Circuit End of Line resistor matching
• Four programmable function keys for ease of maintenance
• Two programmable relays and one fixed trouble relay
• Built-in Programmer
• Integral 80-character LCD display with backlighting
• Real-time clock/calendar with automatic daylight savings control
• History file with 1,000 event capacity
• Addressable sounder base
• Multi-criteria detector (smoke, heat, CO) with programmable response
• Control module delay timer
• Automatic detector sensitivity testing (NFPA 72 compliant)
• Automatic device type-code verification
• Point trouble identification
• Waterflow selection per module point
• Alarm verification selection per detector point SLC COMMUNICATION LOOP
• Supports LiteSpeed™ and CLIP protocols
• SLC operates up to 10,000 ft. (3,000 m) in LiteSpeed mode with twisted, unshielded wire
• Single addressable SLC loop which meets NFPA Class B and Class A requirements
• 50 addressable device capacity (any combination of addressable detectors and modules)
• Compatible with Fire•Lite’s addressable devices (refer to theSLCWiring Manual) NOTIFICATION APPLIANCE CIRCUITS (NACS)
• Two independently programmable output circuits. Circuits can be configured for the following outputs:
–Style Y (Class B)
–Style Z (Class A)
• Silence Inhibit and Autosilence timer options
• Continuous, March Time, Temporal, or California code for main circuit board NACs with two-stage capability
• Selectable strobe synchronization per NAC
• 2.5 A special application, 250mA regulated, total power for NACs