Fire-Lite 411ud Fire Alarm Control/Communicator

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The Fire-Watch 411 series from Fire-Lite Alarms are compact slave Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters (DACTs) that are designed for a variety of fire, and non-fire applications. They provide either three or four monitoring channels (inputs) respectively. These slave DACTs are a cost-effective solution for applications that require a Fire Alarm control panel to transmit system status to an off-site monitoring facility for central or Remote Station compliance.

Technical Specifications:

    • Three (411) or four (411UD) monitoring channels (inputs).
    • Inputs may be individually programmed to monitor the host control panel for:
      • Fire Alarm.
      • Fire Trouble.
      • Fire Supervisory.
      • Process Monitoring.
      • AC Power Loss.
      • Security Alarm.
      • Other (Fire and Non-Fire Events).
    • Fully supervised trigger inputs require a contact closure for activation.
    • 12- or 24-VDC operation, jumper-selectable.
    • Industry-first, UL recognized, “dialer-runaway” prevention feature.
    • Dual-line, rotary or touch-tone-dial DACT interfaces to public switched telephone network (leased phone lines are not required).
    • Includes 15 reporting formats, including the popular ADEMCO Contact ID format.
  • Maximum Standby Current: 210uA @ 3.3 VDC (one communication
  • every 23.9 seconds with LED blink enabled)
  • Maximum Alarm Current (LED on): 5 mA @ 3.3 VDC (LED on)
  • Radio Frequency Range: 902-928 MHz
  • Battery Type: 4 Panasonic CR123A or 4 Duracell DL 123A
  • Battery Life: 2 years
  • Battery Replacement: Upon TROUBLE BATTERY LOW display and/or during