Fire-Lite RTM-8F Relay Transmitter Module 8 Form C- Relay

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The RTM-8F Relay/ Transmitter Module plugs into connector J6 and mounts on the bottom right side of the MS-9200 main circuit board. When the module is installed, jumper JP4 must be cut in order to provide module placement supervision. The RTM-8F provides eight high current (5 amps) Form-C relays. These relays track software zones 1 through 8. The Relay/ Transmitter Module also provides Municipal Box or Remote Station transmitters. An MS-9200 equipped with an RTM-8F meets NFPA 72 codes for Auxiliary and Remote Station requirements. In remote station applications, the RTM-8F can be configured to transmit alarm only or alarm and trouble signals. Disable switches and indicators are provided on the module.

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  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Limited Warranty: 3 Year


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