Fire-Lite FCPS-24FS8 Remote Charger Power Supply-

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2 Class A/ 2 Class B or 4 Class B NACs, integral battery charger up to 18 AH, supports System Sensor, Wheelock, & Gentex (up to commander 2 only) sync Protocol.Must be a reseller to purchase this product.


  • 8 Ampere Full Load Output, with 3 Ampere Maximum/Circuit, in NAC Expander Mode
  • 6 Ampere Continuous Output in Stand-Alone Mode
  • Built-In Strobe Synchronization with System Sensor, Wheelock, or Gentex Appliances for ADA Compliance
  • Strobe Signal Passes Though Allowing Syncing of Large Systems
  • Instantaneous Switchover to Standby Battery When AC Fails, Maintaining Power to All Attached Devices without Intervention
  • LED Lights for Quick and Easy Diagnosis, Troubleshooting, and Status Indication
  • Fully Reguated and Filtered Power Output Optimal for Powering Four-Wire Smoke Detectors, Annunciators, and Other System Peripherals Requiring Regulated/Filtered Power
  • Fully Supervised Power Supply, Battery, and NACs for Added Reliability
  • ADA Compliant