Gamewell-FCI ILI95-MB-E3 Intelligent loop interface, mother board

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

ILI-MB-E3 The Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Boards.

The main interface for the E3 Series® product line. With its state-of-the-art 32 bit RISC processor, this compact “panel on a board” provides a powerful addition to Gamewell- FCI’s single pair conductor solutions.


  • E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System.
  • E3 Series Combined Fire and Mass Notification System.
  • This intuitive design provides the following features:
  • 2 signaling line circuits auxiliary power output.
  • local energy city box output auxiliary relay functions.
  • 2 notification application circuits.
  • These features, combined with the built-in network and the serial protocols, allow this module to support a host of new and existing products, resulting in a building block approach to the fire alarm panel design. The ILI-MB-E3 is network ready and occupies 1 of 64 nodes operating at 625K baud. In addition, the Addressable Node Expander (ANX) board expands the network to 122 nodes. When this sub-assembly is integrated with proven Broadband components, the result is a flexible yet powerful integrated audio solution. When the system transmits to remote locations, the optional RPT-E3 provides the ILI-MB-E3 with valuable signal boosting and transient protection, as well as connectivity using both wire and fiberoptic cables. The ILI-MB-E3 provides 2 signaling line circuits and terminals for the connections to up to 159 detectors, 159 modules and 159 addressable sounder bases per SLC in Velociti®. In CLIP™ mode, each SLC supports 99 detectors and 99 modules. The RS-485 interface can support a variety of peripheral devices.
  • Automatically adjusts to any NAC End-of-Line Resistor (EOL) value (1k-55k ohm) for legacy audible/visual appliances. • Two notification appliance circuits, Class “A”, Style Z or Class B, Style Y rated at 2.0 amps. per circuit. • RS-485 supporting 16 ASM-16 switch modules and/or ANU-48 LED driver modules. • Alarm, trouble, and supervisory dry contacts Form “C”, rated at 2 amp. @ 30 VDC (resistive). • Supports 1 LCD-SLP display via on-board ribbon cable connector. • RS-485 terminal supports an additional 14 LCD-SLP displays/annunciators, 6 LCD-E3 displays/annunciators, 5 LCD-7100/RAN-7100 remote LED annunciators.
  • Multiple hex- and key-lock models available.
  • U.S. patented hex-lock needs only a quarter-turn to lock/ unlock.
  • Station can be opened for inspection and maintenance without initiating an alarm.
  • Product ID label viewable by simply opening the cover; label is made of a durable long-life material.
  • The words "NORMAL" and "ACTIVATED" are molded into the plastic adjacent to the alarm switch (located inside).
  • Four-position terminal strip molded into backplate.
  • Terminal strip includes Phillips combination-head captive 8/32 screws for easy connection to Initiating Device Circuit (IDC).
  • Terminal screws backed-out at factory and shipped ready to accept field wiring (up to 12 AWG/3.1 mm2).
  • Terminal numbers are molded into the backplate, eliminating the need for labels.
  • Switch contacts are normally open.
  • Can be surface-mounted (with SB-10 or SB-I/O ) or semiflush mounted. Semi-flush mount to a standard single-gang, double-gang, or 4" (10.16 cm) square electrical box.
  • Backplate is large enough to overlap a single-gang backbox cutout by 1/2" (1.27 cm).
  • Optional trim ring (BG12TR).
  • Spanish versions (FUEGO) available (BG-12LSP, BG-12LPSP).
  • Designed to replace the Fire•Lite legacy BG-10 Series.
  • Models packaged in attractive, clear plastic (PVC), clamshell-style, Point-of-Purchase packages. Packaging includes a cutaway dust/paint cover in shape of pull station.


  • Typically, the ILI-MB-E3 or ILI-S-E3 can be mounted in the following E3 Series cabinets: • Cabinet B and D, backbox • Cabinet C, INX-E3 sub-assembly plate • Cabinet C, INCC-E3 sub-assembly plate.