Farenhyt IFP-FFT Fire Fighters Telephone Communication System

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The IFP-FFT with keypad,provides indications of phone activation, and corresponding trouble conditions. The FFT-24 expander board lets you add additional zones to the IFP-FFT. The IFP-FFT can use up to two FFT-24’s for a total of 72 zones. Each zone consists of one addressable monitor

module (IDP-Minimon) and a minimum of one Fire Fighter Telephone Jack (FFT-FPJ).


• IFP-FFT Fire Fighter Telephone module for control and annunciation of up to 72 remote telephone jacks

• A maximum of 10 Fire Fighter Remote Handsets (FFT-RHS) can be used at one time to communicate over

  the telephone circuit connected to the IFP-FFT

• Fire Fighter Phone Jack (FFT-FPJ) provides a plug-in location for the FFT-RHS

• Single Telephone Station Mount comes in a lockable cabinet containing one remote handset. Available in

   Recessed mount (FFT-STSR) or surface mount (FFT-STSS)

• Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet (FFT-HSC) is used to store ten Fire Fighter Handsets (FFT-RHS)

• System Status LEDs

• Supports two FFT-24 zone expanders

• The IFP-FFT supports up to 72 IDP-Minimon devices on one FFT system

• Simplified installation by using single loop design

• JumpStart® auto-programming