Farenhyt IDP-Photo-T-W Bright White Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/ Thermal (fixed 135ºF (57ºC)

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Farenhyt IDP-Photo-T-W plug-in Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/ Thermal (fixed 135ºF (57ºC) Sensor is designed for use with Silent Knight IFP-series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). Detector sensitivity can be programmed from the FACP software. Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the FACP. Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with rotary address switches.

— IFP-1000 Intelligent Fire Panel
— IFP-100 Intelligent Fire Panel
— IFP-50 Intelligent Fire Panel

— IDP-6AB 6” Mounting Base
— SSB501 4” Mounting Base
— SSB224BI 6” Isolator Base
— SSB224RB 6” Relay Base
— SSB501BHT 6” Temporal Sounder Base
— SSRA400Z Remote LED Annunciator.
— SSRMK400 Recessed Mounting Kit. Provides low profile for use with SSB501.
— SSXR2B Detector Removal Tool. A removal and replacement tool for IDP plug-in detectors. Includes the SST55-127-000.
— SSM02-04-01 Detector Test Magnet.
— SSM02-09-00 Test Magnet with Telescoping Handle.
— SSXP-4 Extension Pole for SSXR2B. Extends from 5 – 15 ft.
— SST55-127-000 Detector Removal Head.
— SSBCK-200B Black Detector Kit. For IDP-series detectors.